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From the 1910-expedition with RV "Michael Sars" to the Atlantic Ocean: Johan Hjort and John Murray in the middle. 
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Several research cruises from a number of different countries will be travelling out to the northern mid-Atlantic Ocean, as elements within the MAR-ECO project.

Go "on board" by choosing one of the cruise journals from the list below:

Cruise journals 

Akademik Ioffe 2009Akademik Ioffe 2009
On 26 October '09, the Russian research vessel 'Akademik Ioffe' called into Las Palmas in the Canary Islands to pick up a scientific party from Brazil, Uruguay and South Africa. Together with MAR-ECO partners from Russia already onboard, the team will carry out exploratory biodiversity studies on the mid-Atlantic Ridge and adjacent seamounts. This is the first dedicated effort serving the South Atlantic MAR-ECO project.
James Cook 2007James Cook 2007
13th July - 19th August 2007, the RRS "James Cook" will sail to the mid-Atlantic Ridge armed with the latest research technology to learn more about the unique ecosystems living in this relatively unexplored environment.
Walter HerwigWalter Herwig
Cruise to the Irminger Sea with the German research vessel “Walter Herwig”, 10 June – 13 July 2005.
G. O. Sars, "The MAR-ECO expedition"G. O. Sars, "The MAR-ECO expedition"
The main MAR-ECO cruise 5 June - 5 August 2004. From Bergen to the Azores and back. With RV "G.O.Sars", supported by MS "Loran".
Testcruise with RV "Johan Hjort", April 2004. To the fjord outside of Bergen to test out some equipment before the "G.O.Sars"-cruise.
MIR cruiseMIR cruise
Cruise with RV "Akademik Mistislav Keldysh" June 2 - 17, 2003. Diving into the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone with the manned submersibles "MIR".
RV Įrni FrišrikssonRV Įrni Frišriksson
The REDFISH/MAR-ECO cruise with RV Įrni Frišriksson, will be conducted in the Irminger Sea and adjacent areas from June 3 to July 4 2003.
Bear Seamount 2003Bear Seamount 2003
Cruise to Bear Seamount, off the east coast of the US near Georges Bank, May 2003.
RV PoseidonRV Poseidon
OASIS cruise with RV "Poseidon" to Seine Seamount, March 20 - April 1, 2003.
Bear Seamount, July 2002Bear Seamount, July 2002
Cruise with the NOAA Ship “ DELAWARE II” to Bear Seamount, 16 July – 2 August 2002.
OASIS project cruise on RV Meteor 11.11.2003-6.12.2003 Kiel-Funchal.
RV Smolensk cruise May-JuneRV Smolensk cruise May-June
From 23 May to 18 June 2003 scientists of Knipovich Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO) took part in the International Trawl-Acoustic Survey on redfish in the Irminger Sea. This area includes the northern most of the three special MAR-ECO areas along the northern mid-Atlantic Ridge.
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