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1. July

Last tow celebration

Scientific meeting

Cleaning and desifection of the fish lab.

Todays Highlights

Date:July 1
Author:  Eilif Gaard, Faroese Fisheries Laboratory and Anne Stene, Aalesund University College

In beautiful sunshine and calm weather we finished our last station and are now steaming towards Horta in the Azore Islands.  A successful and exciting cruise is ending., The finished processing of the catch from the last tow was celebrated with a toast, offered by the cruise leader Olav Rune Godų (see picture)


While steaming, we are cleaning the laboratories, packing our equipment and making the vessel ready for the crew of leg 2 (see picture).


This is also the time to summarize the results and findings, to write a cruise report, and to prepare presentations for the scientific colloquium and reception in Horta on Saturday.


The cruise is nearly finished, but the scientific job is just beginning. In reality the scientific work done so far is just the beginning of a larger process that includes further analysis of biological, hydrographic, and acoustic registrations. Both biotic and abiotic findings must be integrated in an ecological project such as this and will result in interesting scientific papers and public reports on the findings. 


Onboard the scientific crew has been meeting in small groups to plan on how to proceed with practical arrangements for collaboration on further analyses of collected material, data processing, data exchange, and publishing (see picture).


Our data collections have ranged from oceanographic and acoustics, to

to various studies on organisms that range in size from microscopic plankton to large whales.  Depths ranged from the surface to 3000 meters and extended  from the cold-water environment south of Iceland to the tropic environment north of the Azores.



Weather Conditions

We woke up to a moist and foggy morning, but at noon the sun was shining form a blue sky.


Tomorrows expected highlights

Tomorrow we will arrive in Horta and put our feet on solid ground after 4 weeks at sea.


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