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30. July

Todays Highlights

Date:30 July 2004
Author:  Odd Aksel Bergstad (IMR)

It takes time to cross half of the Atlantic Ocean, and today was a quiet day of steaming from our last station in the direction of the British Isles. The weather was reasonable and the ship is very stable, so the voyage is comfortable. After days or irregular sleep and strange working hours, participants seem to gradually adapt a more normal routine.

The day passed by with various activities. Some were doing the essential but sometimes boring double-checking of seemingly endless rows and columns of numbers in the computer database. For each animal recorded, a number of data have been entered, and future users will be most grateful for the effort made today by the team of dedicated quality-checkers.

Others cleaned and tidied labs., especially the fish lab that now needed a thorough hosing down and disinfection.

A few meetings were also held, among them a MAR-ECO Steering Group meeting. Five of the SG members are onboard the vessel now, and despite that attendance was incomplete, it was useful to get together to discuss various aspects of the project and future activities. 

Others spent many hours in front of computers preparing maps and graphics, or interpreting echosounder recordings. Some also began preparing summaries of results for presentations to be held at the end of the cruise, and as basis for future analyses.



Weather Conditions

A westerly gale most of the day, luckily a tail-wind!


Tomorrows expected highlights

Three sub-group meetings are scheduled for the morning, essentially workshops to refine plans for future analyses. Highlights of the afternoon will be plenary presentations of findings on physical oceanography, MS Loran sampling, cephalopods, and zooplankton.


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