3. August

Todays Highlights

Date:3 August 2004
Author:  Marsh Youngbluth and Odd Aksel Bergstad

Sailing into Aberdeen
Arrival into Aberdeen, Scotland yesterday signaled the beginning of Leg III.  A mass exodus of the crew occurred shortly after the ship tied up to the dock near the city centre.  Several terrestrial habitats, e.g., maritime museums, historic buildings, art galleries, and shopping malls, were explored throughout the afternoon.  In the evening, pelagic and benthic scientists collaborated with all of the ship personnel to conduct an intensive study of local fermentations at a specific location.  Data compiled from all of these sources have been sub-sampled and non-parametric tests applied to the extremes and means of the parameters confirmed that a major objective of Leg III was achieved.  We successfully established a super social station and confirmed the importance of international cooperation. 

MAR-ECO Students the Ellon Academy. Click for larger image 
We had a fun day today with lots of visitors. Monty, Nikki and Odd Aksel entertained the media, very well assisted by Angela Ferguson and colleagues from the University of Aberdeen Press Office. The press conference was well attended, and we look forward to the output.

Around 130 people had registered to get a tour of the ship, and while some unfortunately had to wait too long for guides to appear, we hope many had a nice experience onboard.

Leaving Aberdeen and setting the course for Bergen
A very special group of visitors were pupils from one of the MAR-ECO school network members, the Ellon Academy, led by theur principal Mr Brian Wilkins. In the middle of their summer holiday they took the trouble of coming to visit the ship and hear more about the project. Nikki briefed them on the use of landers and the results from Leg 2, and Odd Aksel talked about the project in general and led the way on the tour of the ship. Click on the photo to see the nice group of attentive youngsters!

We left Aberdeen in the afernoon and hit the North Sea on our course for Bergen.


Weather Conditions

Overcast and a few drops of rain. Didn't really care about the wind!


Tomorrows expected highlights

The first sight of Norway and the arrival in the glorious city of Bergen, in good weather.