8. June

A gannet flying

A sabine gull

Recovery of German current meter mooring

Todays Highlights

Date:June 8, 2004
Author:  Richard Young, University of Hawaii and Odd Aksel Bergstad, IMR

On a day characterised by few events during steaming through the deep Iceland Basin casual records from the observation platform on the top deck of R/V “G.O.Sars” included sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus), long-tailed skua (Stercorarius longicaudus), sabine’s gull (Larus sabinii) and gannet (Sula bassana). Photos of the latter two species are shown. 

The most excitement today was the news that we will be on our first full station by midnight tonight.

We would have started the station a bit earlier except that we received an emergency call from scientists at Kiel requesting that we search for a current meter array that had surfaced prematurely. We spent three hours searching before locating it and bringing it aboard.


Weather Conditions

It has been overcast all day, with an easterly breeze.


Tomorrows expected highlights

Everybody is looking forward to tomorrow when finally specimens will be collected from a wide depth range by plankton nets and midwater trawls.