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Leg 1 went with RV G.O.Sars from Bergen to the Azores, while leg 2 joined the retour. Four scientists was on board MS Loran. See portraits of all the participants and photos of the crew on board.


G. O. Sars crew leg 2

The scientific crew on leg 2 including the photographer David Shale.







The scientific crew on leg 2 including the photographer David Shale.
Photo: D. Shale.

1 Odd Aksel Bergstad, Norway, Biologist, PI
2 Ingvar Huse, Norway, Biologist, gear technician
3 Åge Høines, Norway, Biologist
4 Ingvar Byrkjedal, Norway, Biologist
5 Franz Uiblein, Austria, Biologist
6 John Galbraith, USA, Biologist
7 Gui Menezes, Portugal, Biologist
8 Ricardo S Santos, Portugal, Biologist
9 Alexei Orlov, Russia, Biologist
10 Andrey Dolgov, Russia, Biologist
11 Anders Thorsen, Norway, Biologist
12 Inge Fossen, Norway, Biologist, Part of time on MS Loran
13 Michael Vecchione, USA, Biologist
14 Andrey Gebruk, Russia, Biologist
15 Tom Sørnes, Norway, Biologist
16 Aino Hosia, Norway, Biologist
17 Marsh Youngbluth, USA, Biologist
18 Nicola King, UK, Biologist
19 Monty Priede, UK, Biologist
20 Øyvind Knutsen, Norway, Oceanographer
21 Atle Totland, Norway, Technician
22 Thomas de Lange Wenneck, Norway, Data manager
23 Asgeir Steinsland, Norway, ROV technician
24 Reidar Johannesen, Norway, ROV technician
25 Einar Osland, Norway, Technician
26 Sven Klimpel, Germany, Biologist
27 Jan Bryn, Norway, ROV technician
28 Lars Stemman, France, Biologist
29 Charles Cotton, USA, Biologist, Part of time on MS Loran

30 David Shale, UK, Photographer


MS Loran crew

MS Loran participants
The scientific crew onboard MS Loran

Jan Erik Dyb, Norway, Fish biology, PI, Entire period
Ann Helen Hellevik, Norway, Biologist, catch proc., Entire period
Inge Fossen, Norway, Biologist, Part of period
Charles Cotton, USA, Biologist, Part of period


G. O. Sars crew Leg 1

The Scientific crew on leg 1 including the artist Ørnulf Opdahl. Photo: Erik Olsen.


The scientific crew
on leg 1 including the artist Ørnulf Opdahl. 
Horta july 2th. 2004. Photo: Erik Olsen.

1 Olav Rune Godø, Norway, Biologist, PI

2 Uwe Piatkowski, Germany, Biologist
3 Tracey Sutton, USA, Biologist
4 Filipe Porteiro, Portugal, Biologist
5 Odd Aksel Bergstad, Project PI, Biologist, Norway
6 John Horne, USA, Biologist
7 Cairistiona Anderson, UK, Biologist
8 Marc Picheral, France, Biologist, technician
9 Mikko Heino, Norway, Biologist
10 Leif Nøttestad, Norway, Biologist
11 Erik Olsen, Norway, Biologist
12 Henrik Skov, Denmark, Biologist
13 Richard Young, USA, Biologist
14 Stein Kaartvedt, Norway, Biologist
15 Annelies Pierrot-Bults, Netherlands, Biologist
16 Eilif Gaard, Faroe Islands, Biologist
17 Ruben Patel, Biologist, Institute of Marine Research, Norway
18 Tone Falkenhaug, Norway, Biologist
19 Astthor Gislasson, Iceland, Biologist
20 Anne Stene, Norway, Biologist
21 Henrik Søiland, Norway, Oceanographer
22 Jaime Alvarez, Norway, Technician
23 Martin Dahl, Norway, Technician
24 Hans Petter Knudsen, Norway, Technician
25 Terje Torkelsen, Norway, Technician
26 Jan Bryn, Norway, ROV Technician
27 Magnar Mjanger, Norway, Technician
28 Ørnulf Opdahl, Norway, Artist
29 Gry Molvær, Norway, TV-reporter
30 Øyvind Olsson, Norway, TV-photographer





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