Sampling equipment and technologies on leg 1

Sampling equipment for continuous observations (during steaming)

  • Echosounders with vessel-mounted transducer transmitting at 5 frequencies on same acoustic axis
  • Surface plankton recorder and chlorophyll recorder

Sampling equipment for point sampling (data collection at selected stations)

  • Mid-water trawls and nets of different sizes and designs (large pelagic trawls, macrozooplankton trawl, Multinet)
  • ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and landers
  • Echosounders of various designs/characteristics (hull- and keel-mounted, and towed vehicle transducers)
  • CTD (profiler for salinity and temperature) and UVP (underwater video profiler)
  • See G.O. Sars website (
    for permanent instrumentation and facilities

Technologies available on G.O. Sars




Instruments, sensors, and software


Research vessel

Single beam echosounders SIMRAD EK60 –6 frequencies
Multi-beam echosounders SIMRAD EM300 EM1002
Sonar SIMRAD SM2000
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), 75 and 150 kHz
Lowered ADCP – ADCP on CTD
Acoustic target strength transducer
Temperature, salinity, oxygen and fluorescence (surface sensors)
Topas – parametric sonar for mapping sub-seabed structures


Towed systems
Deep towed body with two acoustic frequencies


ROV Aglanta
ROV Bathysaurus



Underwater Video Profilers (French system)


Free floating platforms


Bergen Acoustic Buoy with EK60 and communication


Sampling equipment (for Leg1)

Big pelagic trawl (Egersund trawl) to be used for opportunistic sampling of particular
targets located acoustically
Medium-sized pelagic trawl (Åkratrål) for routine use equipped with multisampler to sample 3 depth strata (3 cod-ends in one tow)
Macrozooplankton trawl with multisampler and 5 code-ends (for sampling large zooplankton and micronekton)
Multinet (for depth-stratified sampling of mesozooplankton)


Trawl instrumentation

SCANMAR Catch Control systems – height, distance, speed, trawl eye
Trawl sonar
Cameras and housing for use on trawls



Oceanographic instruments
Acoustic lander (Bergen system)
Video landers (Oceanlab, Aberdeen University)



Sampling equipment and technologies on leg 2

RV G.O.Sars

  • Demersal macro- and megafauna trawls (midwater trawls will also be available)
  • ROVs Aglantha and Bathysaurus
  • Video landers (OCEANLAB Aberdeen)
  • CTD, UVP
  • Echosounders of various designs/characters (hull- and keel-mounted, and towed vehicle transducers)
  •  See G.O. Sars website 
    for permanent instrumentation and facilities

MS Loran

  • Longlines of various designs, automatic baiting system
  • Traps
  • Gillnets