The ship

RV G.O. Sars. Photo: Thomas de Lange Wenneck

The Norwegian research vessel G.O. Sars was built in 2003. It is owned by Institute of Marine Research and employed by the University of Bergen.

RV G.O. Sars represents a new generation of marine research vessels. With its vibration- and noise-damped diesel generators and its propellers driven by directcurrent motors, RV G.O. Sars is an extremely quiet vessel under way. It emits 99 percent less noise under water than conventional research vessels.

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MS LoranDuring the main MAR-ECO cruise in 2004 RV G.O.Sars sails for two months. On leg 2, the return for the Azores back to Bergen, the Norwegian longliner MS Loran will work alongside RV G.O.Sars.