G. O. Sars, "The MAR-ECO expedition"

RV G.O. Sars 

The main MAR-ECO cruise
5 June - 5 August 2004

Time Schedule
Departure: Bergen, 5 June (leg 1)
Change of crew: Horta, 3 July
Departure: Horta, 4 July (leg 2)
Call: Aberdeen, 3 August
End: Bergen, 4 August

Be a virtual explorer!

We are off to meet unknown challenges and to discover new things in the northern mid-Atlantic. From 5 June - 4 August scientists will explore environments that are physically inaccessible - using advanced technology aboard the research vessel G.O. Sars.

You can "come with them" too and see, for example, images of the kinds of creatures that live in the deep ocean waters. In their cruise journal you can follow the expedition from day to day! 

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