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James Cook 2007

 13th July - 19th August 2007, the RRS James Cook will sail to the mid-Atlantic Ridge armed with the latest research technology to learn more about the unique ecosystems living in this relatively unexplored environment.


The James Cook cruise is the first in a series of three ECOMAR cruises that will take place over three successive summers. It is going to the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone (CGFZ) in the mid-Atlantic Ridge. The area around the CGFZ closely parallels the sub-Polar Front region of the surface waters. The 2004 MAR-ECO cruise aboard the GOSars identified these waters as being regions of particular ecological interest.


The ECOMAR cruise aboard the James Cook aims to provide further documentation of the ecologically interesting aspects of the marine communities living in this area. A number of MAR-ECO participants will be on board. Follow the daily progress of this summer's ECOMAR cruise.

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