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RV Smolensk cruise May-June

Cruise leaders, scientists Dr. Andrey Pedchenko and Dr. Andrey Dolgov
From 23 May to 18 June 2003 scientists of Knipovich Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO) took part in the International Trawl-Acoustic Survey on redfish in the Irminger Sea. This area includes the northern most of the three special MAR-ECO areas along the northern mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The main goal of the research cruise of m/v “Smolensk” was to estimate pelagic redfish (Sebastes mentella) stock. Data on biology and oceanography were taken both within oceanic pelagic depth and adjacent waters along northern part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR). This information was used to describe the status of the redfish population and its habitat.

The investigations under the MAR-ECO project were conducted during the main survey. The whole survey area can be considered as MAR-ECO area. The eastern trawls were located over Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the other trawls in adjacent waters.

The most attention was paid to examination of pelagic and nekton community (jellyfish, shrimp, cephalopods and fish) composition as well as on trophic interrelations of fish species, their distribution and environmental researches. Plankton sampling and some observations of marine mammals were also done.

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