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Testcruise - 30. April

Todays Highlights

Date: April 30. 2004 
Author: Jaime Alvarez

We worked all the day in the area near The Bjųrne Fjord.

The  launch an retreival of autonomus acoustic platform and the test of adjustments of flotation of the multisampler were satisfactory.

Sampling routines for fish and plankton on board was tested included the addition of a system for traceability of the collected biological material. Two deep-water trawl hauls were used to this proposal. Some practical difficulties were found. Alternative solutions will be developed.

The people from Telenor worked with the new antenna. Some adjustments are still necessary. The system are not ready yet.

Other practical tasks and discussions:
Improving the connection of the ship reference system and metadata system.
Labeling system (hardware-sofware). Some tests were carried out. The work will continue tomorrow.

Weather Conditions

Very nice with temperatures around 18 C°


Tomorrows expected highlights

Try out the system to connect images to samples and the new labeling system.
Running of the multinet plankton sampler.
CTD with additional equipment.
Test of the Deep Towed Body.
Testing of sampling routines and discussions on data management will continue


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30 April

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