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Walter Herwig

Walter HerwigCruise to the Irminger Sea with the German research vessel “Walter Herwig”, 10 June – 13 July 2005.

PI: Hans Christian John
Responsible institution: Institute für Seefisherei and Univ. Hamburg

~ see cruise report

Cruise description

Zooplankton will be sampled on the outward and homeward bound, providing unique material of fish larvae, fish eggs and invertebrate zooplankton along a trans-Atlantic transect, crossing the MAR at 60° N.

The transect will be sampled in two parts: 11 stations will be sampled on the outward bound in the eastern part (across the Iceland Basin towards mid MAR just south of Iceland). On the homeward bound, 10 stations in the western part will be sampled (from 39 to 31°W, Irminger Sea to mid MAR). Sampling will be made with a towed (2.3 knots) 300 um mesh sized Hydro-Bios Multinet, with integrated CTD. Oblique hauls will be made in five depth strata, down to 500 m: 500 - 300 - 200 - 100 - 50 - 0 m, filtering 2 to 3 m² per stratum. Material will be preserved in 4% buffered formaldehyde.

Fish larvae will be sorted out and identified from as many hauls as possible on board, but this work will continue on land by Hans Christian John and Heino Fock. The remaining samples will be brought to Anne Stene, University College of Aalesund, for identification of fish eggs.

The samples will also contain invertebrate zooplankton from a size fraction which has not been well sampled on previous MAR-ECO cruises (300 um mesh size). The zooplankton material will be available for MAR-ECO partners for analysis.

MAR-ECO early life history studies

The early life history studies are a part of the MAR-ECO component project PN1, Longitudinal and latitudinal changes in nektonic fauna along MAR.


Anne Stene (University College of Aalesund, Norway). Group leader, eggs, larvae and gonads.
Anders Thorsen (Institute of Marine Research, Norway). Eggs, larvae and gonads.
Hans Christian John (Deutsches Zentrum fuer Marine Biodiversitaet) Larvae from German cruise 2005
Heino Fock (Germany) Larvae from German cruises
Sergei Evseenko (P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russia) Larvae
Maria Shtaut (SIO, Russia) PhD student of Dr. Evseenko
Andrei Suntsov (Harbor branch Oceanographic Institution, USA) Larvae


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