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The MAR-ECO management consists of a Norwegian secretariat, a public outreach group, and a international steering group. The co-ordinating institutions are Institute of Marine Research and the University of Bergen in Norway. 

Members of the international steering group are experienced scientists from key institutions in Norway, Iceland, Portugal (Azores), France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Russia and Brazil. Chair: Odd Aksel Bergstad, Norway.

The project consists of 10 integrated science components dealing with different key objectives, each with dedicated teams and principal investigators. In addition, a range of education and outreach components facilitates dissemination of results to a wide audience. 

Common critical tasks are funded by A.P.Sloan Foundation (USA), and national sources.


  Dr Odd Aksel Bergstad Project PI Institute of Marine Research, Arendal, Norway

Dr Tone Falkenhaug
Scientific Secretary
Institute of Marine Research
Arendal, Norway
Mr Petter Baardsen
Project Economist
Institute of Marine Research
Arendal, Norway
Mr Thomas de Lange Wenneck
Project Data Manager
Institute of Marine Research
Bergen, Norway

Mr Ingvar Byrkjedal
Bergen Museum liaison
University of Bergen
Bergen Museum, Norway 

Mr Tor Birkeland
IT contact
Institute of Marine Research
Arendal, Norway

Public Outreach Group and associates 

The Public Outreach Group is based in Bergen, Norway, but has associates among project participants in other countries. The group works closely with the Education and Outreach team of the Census of Marine Life based in the USA.


Jo Høyer (Co-leader)
is senior information officer at the Bergen Museum. Special responsibility: exhibitions, media contacts, school network.
Tel: + 47 95119216 or +47 55589150
Kjartan Mæstad (IMR appointee) is information officer at the Institute of Marine Research.
Nicola King, Postdoctoral fellow at Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen is also a scientific participant
Elinor Bartle
MAR-ECO Public Outreach associate
+47 91568626
Department of Biology, University of Bergen
Post Box 7800
N-5020 Bergen, Norway


Morten Steffensen (former Co-leader)  former Public Outreach director at Bergen Museum.
Special responsibility: exhibition projects.
(Morten now works at the Science Museum in Trondheim)

Nina Svane-Mikkelsen is doing av  PhD on new media and museum communication related to MAR-ECO, called Techno-variations over Life in Darkness. She has been associated since June 2004, when she participated in the Ship-to-shore communication.  Special project: the computer game 'Maretind'

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