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 Deeper than Light
MAR-ECO and Bergen Museum teamed up to develop an international travelling exhibition. "Deeper than Light" demonstrates the synergy effect of collaborations between scientists, technology and artists. l~ read more

As a part of our goal let the public follow our exploration of the mysteries of the deep-sea in the Mid-Atlantic, MAR-ECO has contributed to several exhibitions. Read more below.
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Deep ocean fever
The exhibition of moving and still images of strange animals from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, has led to a deep ocean fever among secondary pupils in the southern part of Norway!  
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A timeline
The journalist Gry Molvær exhibited photos at Tronhjems Kunstforening August 2005, with images of the sea-surface, the horizon and the sky from every 30 days she spent on the RV G.O.Sars cruise 2004.  
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Dive with a submarine!
”Akvarius U-632” is a 6,5 meters long "submarine" at Bergen Aquarium (Norway). Videos from deep-sea expeditions like MAR-ECO are being featured inside, where there’s a big screen and seats for 12 persons.   
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Deeper than the light
Exhibition at the natural history museum in the Norwegian city Kristiansand, September 25 to October 16, 2005: Biological samples, videos, photos  by David Shale and paintings by Ørnulf Opdahl  - all from the RV G.O. Sars-expedition 2004. Scientific illustrations by Thoralv Rasmussen from RV Michael Sars expedition to the Atlantic Ocean in 1910.
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New collection of paintings
Art exhibition in an old school-building of Godoy, the small island on the coast of mid-Norway were Opdahl lives, September 3 to 7, 2005: A new set of watercolours from the RV G.O. Sars-expedition 2004 were exhibited for the first time.
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MAR-ECO exhibition on the Azores
Paintings of Ørnulf Opdahl were exhibited in Salão Nobre of the Town Hall and the photos by David Shale in the theatre, in Horta. August 7 to 30, 2005.
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Exhibition on Iceland
Exhibition at the Nordic House in Reykjavik, April 30 to June 12, 2005.
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Deep-sea art
Art-exhibition at Henie-Onstad Art Center at Høvikodden, near the Norwegian capital Oslo. From October 21, 2004 to February 20, 2005: Ørnulf Opdahl first works from the RV G.O. Sars-expedition 2004.
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Deep-water secrets
The Atlantic Sea Park in Aalesund, Norway, opened a deep-water exhibition in the summer of 2004. Stuffed deep-water species, information about the deep-waters and about MAR-ECO.
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Secrets of the Deep Sea
Permanent exhibition at the Natural History Collections.Bergen Museum, opened 2 June 2004 and will be further developed with results and findings.
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