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Pelagic nekton

Demersal nekton

 MIR2 submersible
Marine mammals
and birds
 Genetic lab

Student profiles

Three main tasks

  • Mapping of species composition and distribution patterns
  • Identification of trophic interrelationships and modelling of food-web patterns
  • Analyses of life history strategies

Key issues

  • Are the MAR communities extensions of the communities inhabiting the North Atlantic continental slope regions?
  • Is there a difference in species occurrence either side of the MAR?
  • Do circulation features, such as the North Atlantic Drift (extension of the Gulf Stream), act as barriers between the northern and southern fauna?
  • In the region of the North Atlantic Drift, what is the effect of eastward drift and import of material from the west?
  • What is the significance of individual seamounts within the ridge system?
  • Is the trophic structure of the northern mid-Atlantic ecosystem similar to that on the slope regions of the eastern and western sides of the Atlantic?
  • What is the life history strategy of key species, and how vulnerable are they to habitat disturbance and exploitation?
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