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Deeper than Light in Aberdeen

The “Deeper than Light” exhibition continues on its travels and Monday it opened in Aberdeen, Scotland at the Maritime Museum.

Researchers now know that life does not get sparser as you get deeper, but the images and specimens in the exhibition, “Deeper than Light” on show now at the Maritime Museum in Aberdeen (31 March – 2 August 2008), illustrate that they may be increasingly fascinating.

The exhibition is based on the research activity of a large international research project, the MAR-ECO Project. Researchers from Oceanlab, a research centre at the University of Aberdeen are participating in MAR-ECO and are currently leading a major UK-funded sub-project, ECOMAR. Together with the museum they will host an open public day with lectures, films etc at the museum 5 April 2008.

“Deeper than Light” features, among other things, the work of British wildlife photographer David Shale who attended the opening, sees the exhibition as an example of the synergy effect from the collaboration or art and science.

Read more in the University of Aberdeen’s press release, in the Sunday Times and in the Scotsman.

Watch the opening address by Monty Priede, Director of Oceanlab

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