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The exhibition is produced in Norway by Bergen Museum and the international research project MAR- ECO, which is part of the global initiative Census of Marine Life (CoML). Deeper than Light is also supported by the DESEO group, a collaboration of deep sea projects within CoML.
  • Responsible scientist:
    Dr. Odd Aksel Bergstad, Institute of Marine Research
  • Design:
    Architect Anne Aspen, Bergen Museum
  • Technical conservation:
    Gunnar Langhelle, Bergen Museum
  • Curator and project management:
    Jo Høyer, Bergen Museum
  • Exhibition producer:
    Konsept a/s, Bergen
  • Artists:
    Ørnulf Opdahl, David Shale and Thoralv Rasmussen
  • Main sponsors:
    Kongsberg Maritime, The Meltzer Foundation - University of Bergen, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Technical facts and costs

Room required 
180 – 250 sqm.
Height: min 2,50 m

Exhibit content 
13 units totally
10 modules ( with 8 panels/ sides with shelves in each): 2,10m x 2,10m. Height 2,20 m
1 model of ridge ( with lander and vessel) 1,80m x 1,40m. Height:
1 box, interactive presentation: 0,50m x 0,60m. Height: 2,00m
1 monitor/ screen: LCD screen/ projector for TV documentary

50 panels
Size panels: 2m x1m

Transportation boxes 
17 boxes
Max size: 2,20m x 1,05m x 0,50
Max weight pr box: 300 kg

Cinema - videos 
"The ocean land" ( 55 min) TV documentary ( prod : Norwegian Broadcasting cooperation). In following languages (subtitles and voiceover): English, French, German. Portuguese and Norwegian (original version)

Books - materials 
The book: "Deeper than Light" in 5 languages ( English, Spanish, French, German and Norwegian)
For sale various materials: poster, leaflets bookmarks etc

Electrical equipment 
Total electricity consumption app 3500 W ,European standard 220 V and 50 Hz. Requires 12 sockets in  ceiling or floor/wall

The electirical equipment consists of:

  • Light : 22 fluorescent tubes
  • 5 fiberoptic drivers
  • 5 small  plasma screen ( installed in AV box)
  • 1 big plasma screen ( TV documentary
  • 1 pc  for AV presentations ( “ Scala”)
  • Various;  transformers  etc.

Period for hire 
Generally 3 or  4 months ( includes, building and dismantling )

Rental fee: 5000 Euro per month
Transport ( one way to the host institution)
Set up / take down costs; i.e. travel and cost:

  • set up 3 people 4 days
  • take down 2 people 3 days

For more information

For more information and to order the exhibition, contact:

Jo Høyer
Curator and project management, Bergen Museum
Tel. +47 55 58 91 50, Mob. +47 48 25 40 82

Odd Aksel Bergstad
Responsible scientist, Institute of Marine Research


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