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Illuminating the Deep - an Interactive DVD

Following the annual MAR-ECO Project meeting in 2006, a film was made to summarise the research efforts and results thus far.

The film is available on a DVD. It is divided into chapters, each treating a different topic.

Viewers may choose to view the film in its entirety (almost 1 hour) or select particular chapters.

Click here for a .pdf of the film script.


Chapter 1 Introduction – the ocean, the deep-sea
Chapter 2 Aberdeen & Oceanlab
Chapter 3 MAR-ECO – effects of ridge presence
Chapter 4 GOSars – research cruises
Chapter 5 Data – challenges of information management
Chapter 6 Results (acoustic) – “hearing” life in the sea
Chapter 7 Acoustic detail
Chapter 8 More results - sampling strategies, sophisticated nets, submersibles
Chapter 9 MIR, marine snow – unexpected findings
Chapter 10 Museums – critical societal role?
Chapter 11 More results – importance of modeling and taxonomy
Chapter 12 Eddies – is the ocean featureless?
Chapter 13 Taxonomy – Sherlock Holmes and CSI
Chapter 14 Gelatinous zooplankton – unknown major players
Chapter 15 More results – building the bigger picture
Chapter 16 Kongsberg – collaboration with industry
Chapter 17 Publications – telling the story
Chapter 18 importance of multi-disciplinary approaches
Chapter 19 Students – the next generation
Chapter 20 Public Outreach (Education and Outreach)
School Project – MAR-ECO is international
Chapter 21 Deeper than Light – a travelling exhibition
Chapter 22 Maretind -  computer games and science
Fishery Impact – sustainable development
Chapter 24 Future activities – learning more
Chapter 25 MAR-ECO – importance of pilot projects
Chapter 26 conclusion – go for it!

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