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pictures - autumn 2006

"Deeper than Light" pilot tours to Genoa and Helsinki

The following are images of the "Deeper than Light" pilot from Genoa and Helsinki, autumn 2006. Click each image to access a larger version.

The pilot consisted of three parts:

  • one module section with a panel each for Ørnulf Opdahl’s paintings, David Shales’s pictures, Thorolv Rasmussen’s sketches and biological specimens.
  • the interactive Scala presentation
  • a film room featuring the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s documentary

The full exhibition contains the above plus:

  • 6 other panel modules: 2 ØO, 2 DS, 1 TR and 1 biological specimens
  • a technology model showing a research vessel and deep-sea acoustic lander
  • up to 4 plasma screens showing deep-sea footage

Virtual model images of the pilot exhibition as it appeared in Helsinki.



layout of the pilot



overview of the info panel

Paula Havaste our hostess at the Science Centre, Heureka, in Helsinki being interviewed for Finnish TV.

Film room / tent in Helsinki.

The biological specimen collection for the info panel module (Helsinki).

another view - this one from Genoa

Some biological specimens up closer …



Melanocetus johnsoni




Ancistroteuthis lichtensteini

David Shale and Ørnulf Opdahl.

Some of David shale’s pictures …



Argonauta sp




Bolinopsis infundibulum

Ørnulf Opdahl’s paintings – created especially for this exhibition (he is making more for the full exhibition!!)

Thorolv Rasmussen’s sketches.

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