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Descartes prize


Marine organisms

Antarctic toothfish
Fish view - pictures of fish (1400)
giant squid   (more on giant squid from the backgrounder on cephalopods)
leatherback turtles
Methyl hydrates
Norwegian coral reefs
Sea star vision
Seahorse web site
Vanishing sharks
CephBase - database on cephalapods

Tools & technology to visit the deep

atlas of the oceans
on AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles)
deep sea exploration of the Atlantic
RV "G.O. Sars"
North Atlantic Oscillation

Educational sites about marine science

The Bridge - An ocean science teacher's resource centre
Three of Life
Canadian marine biodiversity site
interesting ocean ecology site
Marine science portal
NOAA's ocean explore
Scientific American's ask a scientist

Articles about marine issues

new origin of life controversy (BBC article)
the truth about the oceans' health

Institutions involved in marine research

WWF's marine protected areas



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