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Educational sites about marine science

The Bridge - An ocean science teacher's resource centre
Canadian marine biodiversity site
NOAA's ocean explore
Scientific American's ask a scientist
Sea and sky - a wonderful internet ocean resource for aficionados of the sea, students and teachers
Blå Barracuda - Danish Radio's website (in danish )
Discovery of Sound in the Sea
Microbial Life
Microscope - about micro-organisms
Identification guides - at The Field Studies Council
The Classrom @ Sea - Southampton's classroom at sea, where teachers go on cruises
Teachers at sea - a NOAA program
The COOLroom  - Rutger’s marine & coastal sciences
Researchers in Residence  -UK-program linking PHD-scientist and school classes
Oceana  - interesting ocean ecology site
Science Snaps

Census of Marine Life projects

CoML - Census of Marine Life's educational site
ArcOD - Arctic Ocean Biodiversity
CAML - Census of Arctic Marine Life
CeDAMar - Census of Diversity of Abyssal Marine Life
CenSeam- Census of Marine Life on Seamounts
ChEss - Biogeography of Deep-water Chemosynthetic Ecosystems
CMarZ - Census of Marine Zooplankton
CoMargE - Continental Margins
CReefs - Coral Reefs
GoMA - Gulf of Maine Area Program
ICoMM - International Census of Marine Microbes
NaGISA - Natural Geography In Shore Areas
POST - Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project
TOPP - Tagging of Pacific Pelagics
FMAP - Future of Marine Animal Populations
HMAP - History of Marine Animal Populations
OBIS - Ocean Biogeographic Information System
EuroCoML - European Census of Marine Life 

Marine organisms

Antarctic toothfish
Fish view - pictures of fish (1400)
leatherback turtles
Methyl hydrates
Norwegian coral reefs
Sea star vision
Seahorse web site
Vanishing sharks

Tools & technology to visit the deep

atlas of the oceans
on AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles)
deep sea exploration of the Atlantic
RV "G.O. Sars"
North Atlantic Oscillation



"Deep Ocean" - A book by Tony Rice, in the life series published by the Natural History Museum in London, in 2000. This book is an invaluable resource, and an enjoyable and easy read for anyone interested in the deep ocean world. ISBN 0-565-09150-6

Institutions involved in marine research

WWF's marine protected areas


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