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Deep-sea School day on the web

A group of pupils from different European countries, who are partneres in the Comenius-network, met MAR-ECO-scientists online - in a netmeeting Thursday November 25th 2004. In the list below you can see the questions and answers. You can also select your category of interest here:


Question title





15 Roughy Fish biology Answered  Gui Menezes  
14 Registration of organisms Fish biology Answered  Tone Falkenhaug  
13 molluscs Abyssal plain fauna New  Brigitte Hilbig  
16 fishes age Fish biology Answered  Gui Menezes  
11 Life around thermal vents Vents and seeps Answered  Eva Ramirez Llodra  
12 Other topics Gelatinous zooplankton Answered    
17 Your schedule Various Answered    
18 about mid-atlantic area Various Answered  Odd Aksel Bergstad  
19 to artist Various Answered    
20 new fish Fish biology Answered  Gui Menezes  
21 Routine Various Answered  Odd Aksel Bergstad  
22 students from france Various Answered  Odd Aksel Bergstad  
23 from nil and laurence Various Answered  Odd Aksel Bergstad  
24 Morgane and Julie Lyce Clony Aix en provence Abyssal plain fauna Answered  Eva Ramirez Llodra  
25 from N and L Fish ecology Answered  Odd Aksel Bergstad  
26 from n and l Various Answered  Odd Aksel Bergstad  
27 Current Various Answered  Odd Aksel Bergstad  
28 News species Fish ecology Answered  Odd Aksel Bergstad  
29 From nicolas and lionel Various Answered  Odd Aksel Bergstad  
30 Currents Fish ecology Answered  Odd Aksel Bergstad  
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