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new fish
Question number: 20 Posted: 25 Nov 2004 09:26
Topic: Fish biology Creator: Dinah Bollasina
Status: Answered Scientist: Gui Menezes
Written by: Dinah Bollasina 25 Nov 2004 09:26

how many new fish species have you found so far?

Written by: Gui Menezes 25 Nov 2004 12:08

This is too soon to give a definitive answer because taxonomists (the biologists that identify and give names to the fishes) don't finish yet their work. There are many fishes to be analysed, that we can’t identify on board. This takes some time, and normally each taxonomist is only specialized in a few fish types. Until now, at least two species seems to be new, but several more are probably also new to science. From all fish we know that where caught, or, are known to occur in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge area (from previous expeditions), we caught about 29 new species to the area. This are not new fish species, are just species that we don’t know that they can occur on this area.

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