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Question number: 15 Posted: 24 Nov 2004 14:26
Topic: Fish biology Creator: Kent Ole Olsen
Status: Answered Scientist: Gui Menezes
Written by: Kent Ole Olsen 24 Nov 2004 14:26

What makes the roughy so special?

Written by: Gui Menezes 25 Nov 2004 11:31

Dear Kent Ole Olsen,

The roughy is special because it leaves many years. The roughy can leave more than 100 years, which is a high longevity when compared to other fishes. Can you imagine that there are fishes at sea at this moment, that born in the end of the 1800’s.
They are also special because they only became sexually mature very late, with about 25 years, and if we catch them to earlier they have no time to have babies.
So they are special because the fishing is being very intense and due to this and other characteristics of their lifes, they can disappear rapidly from the seas, which will be very sad.

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