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News species
Question number: 28 Posted: 25 Nov 2004 10:15
Topic: Fish ecology Creator: Dinah Bollasina
Status: Answered Scientist: Odd Aksel Bergstad
Written by: Dinah Bollasina 25 Nov 2004 10:15

Hi, we are students in college celony.Alex and Jessica, 18 and 17 years old.
How many news species have you discovered since the beginning of the project?

Written by: Odd Aksel Bergstad 25 Nov 2004 10:43

Dear Alex and Jessica

At least two new cephalopods (squids), and probably 2-3 fishes. But describing new species takes time. Experst have to study morphology and antomy and do DNA analyses to determine if the animal is really different from similar ones that have been described previously. And finally, they have to write a descriotion in a scientific journal. If teh article is accepted (following critiques from aother scientists), then perhaps the new species is accepted.

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