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Tutored by the MAR-ECO scientist, Nicola King from University of Aberdeen, pupils from the Ellon Academy in Scotland has been doing scientific research based on MAR-ECO.

The aim of one practical was to investigate the adaptations of deep-sea animal, contrast the fauna and habitat seen in ROV footage from two different depths and review the MAR-ECO project using web-based resources.

To encourage the students to explore the MAR-ECO website, part of the assessment for their practical included the following task:

  • "Choose one of the topics given below that are found in the Backgrounders website;
    - Biology backgrounder: Weird and wonderful deep sea fish
    - Biology backgrounder: Deep Sea Fish
    - Technology backgrounder: MAR-ECO Technology
    - Geology backgrounder: Seamounts

  • Write a short summary of that topic in your own words (2-3 paragraphs). Discuss how you think that society will benefit from the activities/research/technology that is being developed or used as part of MAR-ECO (1 paragraph).  The total length of your report must not exceed 1 page (typewritten, 12 pt)."

They also made posters on marine life for different age groups, which are shown on this site. Click on each of them to get the full version, or see all the posters here

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