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MAR-ECO aims at exploring a yet unknown and rearly unchartered area of our globe: the Mid-Atlantic Ridge - going from Iceland to the Azores archipelago.

The scientists onboard a state of the art research ship will enable schools including countries without a sea board to jointly participate in a virtual expedition. By using the latest technologies and resource of a famous Norwegian painter, Ørnulf Oppdahl, as in expeditions of old, will help them disseminate the freshly acquired knowledge so as not only to get a better understanding of deep sea biology.

Just as important is getting an understanding of its impact on the overall ecological system, the necessity for a sustainable management and, last but not least to help us depict a largely unknown part of our universe from a variety of approaches, including scientific, artistic, literary or even philosophical.

By using the ongoing MAR-ECO project as a resource, students can be enabled to explore and understand deep sea ecology, resources and conditions for life and its implications on society. This will:

  • Raise the awareness of the life in the ocean and the importance of scientific research
  • Stimulate more young people to be educated in marine subjects and related scientific fields.
  • Contribute to a common international understanding of the responsibility of managing deep sea resources in a best justifiable way.
  • Enable a network among participating schools using information technology as a vehicle
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