School Projects: A Virtual Participation in Deep-Sea Exploration

Multidiciplinarity: MAR-ECO aims at exploring a yet unknown and rearly unchartered area of our globe: the Mid-Atlantic Ridge - going from Iceland to the Azores archipelago.

By using the MAR-ECO project as a resource
, students can be enabled to explore and understand deep sea ecology, resources and conditions for life and its implications on society.  ~ read more

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Read an amazing report from the MAR-ECO Project's Comenius teachers.
Made postersMade posters
Using the MAR-ECO website, pupils from Ellon Academy have made poster which they presented to other pupils.
Deep sea exhibition projectsDeep sea exhibition projects
In Kragerø, a small city in the southern part of Norway, all 7th grade classes has been working with one week projects related to the MAR-ECO exhibition “Deeper than light”. 136 pupils participated.
Hard working studentsHard working students
Tutored by the MAR-ECO scientist, Nicola King from University of Aberdeen, pupils from the Ellon Academy in Scotland has been doing scientific research based on MAR-ECO.
Junior Scientists in BergenJunior Scientists in Bergen
A squid made of knitting wool – that was one of the creative products of the MAR-ECO school project during the Science Week in Bergen, when two classes with pupils at the age of 11 dived into the mysteries of the deep sea.
Deep-sea School day on the webDeep-sea School day on the web
A group of pupils from different European countries, who are partneres in the Comenius-network, met MAR-ECO-scientists online - in a netmeeting Thursday November 25th 2004. Biology and various questions about being a MAR-ECO scientist was among the topics. See the questions and answers!
Suggestions for student projectsSuggestions for student projects
There are not many parts of the world that remains to be explored - but in MAR-ECO your class can follow and take part in an online expedition! See a few examples of the kind of student projects that might be suitable for your class.