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Paintings by Ørnulf Opdahl. Photo: Tracey Sutton
Ørnulf Opdahl finds inspiration onboard RV G.O. Sars. Photo: Tracy Sutton
- All expectations have been exceeded so fahr, says the painter Ørnulf Opdahl after ten days onboard RV G.O Sars. The well-known Norwegian painter has been invited to join the MAR-ECO cruise, and has his own atelier in one of the laboratories onboard the ship. In a video from the cruise he shows his fresh paintings.

Together with MAR-ECO scientists, Ørnulf Opdahl will experience a new inspirational challenge in the savage landscapes and mysteries of the deep waters around the northern portion of the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK is also onboard and making a documentary about the field project seen from the perspective of the painter Ørnulf Opdahl. The TV-reporter Gry Molvær and TV-photographer Øyvind Olsson, from the program “Schrödingers katt” made a short video of the artist showing his first paintings from the Atlantic Ocean. 

See the video here

Read more about the cruise on the ship-to-shore site, where you can follow the cruise from day to day in their cruise journal.  

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