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Junior scientists in Bergen

A squid made of knitting wool – that was one of the creative products of the MAR-ECO school project during the Science Week in Bergen, when two classes with pupils at the age of 11 dived into the mysteries of the deep sea.

Anette W. Petersen

The National Science Week (Forskningsdagene) in Norway is a nationwide event held every year to make science and research available to the public. Research and knowledge institutions throughout Norway have an opportunity to participate and provide the general public with new insight into what they do.

Among the school projects in Bergen, two classes from the school at Minde, was invited to learn more about MAR-ECO.

Made a squid of knitting wool

The schoolchildren were amazed by the images and stories from the MAR-ECO expedition the scientist Olav Rune Godø showed them on his visit to their school. The stories about the technology, hydrostatic pressure and the findings inspired the pupils. After a guided tour at the exhibition “Mysteries of the deep sea”, they made drawing of fishes, jellyfish and “G.O. Sars”, wrote stories and a cartoon – and made colourful squids of knitting wool!

Public presentation

The festival ended in a two days event in the city centre of Bergen, with research stations and popular presentations. On the first day, 700 invited schoolchildren, presented their school projects to each other. The MAR-ECO classes made a wall paper, which they proudly presented to three other classes.


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