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The coffee-cup test

[27.06.2004] In the deep ocean, the pressure is much higher than on the surface. In order to illustrate this, researchers onboard RV G.O. Sars put a coffee cup into the trawl and brought it down to 2300 meters depth...

The weight of the air presses down on everything on earth. The weight of the water in the sea also creates pressure. Because water is so much heavier than air, pressure in the sea increases much more rapidly with changes in depth. It increases by 1 atmosphere for every 10m of depth, or so. Thus at 1000m the pressure is about 100 times what it is at the surface.

When researchers onboard RV G.O. Sars was sampling down to 2300 meters depths, the pressure was about 230 times at high as it is on land. The coffee cup they put into the trawl was completely compressed.

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Coffee cup
Coffee cup
Tone Falkenhaug illustrateds what happens to a coffee cup at 2300 meters depth
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