Facts about the MAR-ECO expedition

Time period
5 June - 4 August:
Leg 1, from Bergen to the Azores, from 5 June to 3 July
Leg 2, from the Azores to Bergen, from 4 July to, from 4 August

Study area
Section of the mid-Atlantic Ridge between Iceland and the Azores.
Depth range: 0-4000m

RV G.O.Sars (entire period)
MS Loran (5-20 July)

Scientific crew
60 scientists, students, and technicians.
The participants was from 13 countries: Iceland, Portugal, Russia, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Finland, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, the Faroe Islands, Norway.

Principal scientists
Leg 1: Olav Rune Godoe (IMR, Norway)
Leg 2: Odd Aksel Bergstad, (IMR Norway)
MS Loran: Jan Erik Dyb, (Moere Research, Norway)

Port Calls
3-5 July Horta, the Azores
3 August Aberdeen, Scotland

Approx. distance sailed
RV G.O. Sars: 6000 n.m. (11,112 km)

RV G.O. Sars operation: IMR (75%), UoB (25%)
MS Loran operation and charter: Norwegian public and private fisheries agencies/interests, STATOIL, US National Marine Fisheries Service.
MAR-ECO: infrastructural grants from the A.P.Sloan Foundation, participantís institutional funds (mainly public), national research councils, Nordic Council of Ministers, corporate sponsorship agreements.

Figure 3a:  Track and stations of Leg 1 of the RV G.O.Sars expedition, 5 June-3 July.