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Science Communicator’s Award to Nikki

Award winner Nicola King (number three in first row, from left) together with participants in the "Researcher in Recidence"-program. 
Nicola King, PhD -student at Oceanlab, University of Aberedeen, UK, was recently awarded the Science Communicator’s Award from the Researcher in Recidence initiative based at the Centre for Science Education at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. 

The award was presented to Nicola in the Davy Faraday lecture theatre at the Royal Institution, London on the 23rd September 2005.  The award is given if the applicant has contributed significantly to science communication and public outreach, in addition to completing a “Researchers in Residence” school placement.

The award followed a day in the Royal Institution helping at an “Express Yourself” conference where school age pupils have the opportunity to present their scientific projects as both oral presentations and posters.

Nicola’s portfolio of public outreach includes five months of lunchtime MAR-ECO session for students at Ellon Academy, a school local to Oceanlab, as well as a visit to Oceanlab for local families and talks to fellow scientists promoting the Researchers in Residence scheme.

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About Nicola Kings' work:
~ Analyses pictures of deep-sea life
~ A picture is worth a thousand words…
~ Schools working with MAR-ECO projects
~ Nikki's journal from the "G.O.Sars"-cruise
~ Landing on the ridge

About the program:
~ Researchers in Residence 
~ The Royal Institution


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