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MAR-ECO exhibit on the Azores

The paintings of Ørnulf Opdahl and the photos by David Shale, both made on last summers MAR-ECO expedition, has this summer travelled from Iceland to the Azores. Horta, which was the port of call of RV G.O.Sars and MS Loran, is now the exhibit-arena.

By Anette W. Petersen

It was during the Sea Week in Horta the exhibition opened.
- We had a good opening with cocktails and a jazz band. About 70 people were present, which is not bad for Horta and for the busiest days on the island, says Filipe Porteiro, who has been working hard with the preparations.

The photos and the watercoulors are displayed in two different places.
- The Opdahl pictures are in the Salão Nobre of the Town Hall, which is a nice 19th century open room with a lot of non direct light. People are enjoying very much the paintings and the setting. The Shale images are also nicely installed, in the theatre.

Many has visited the exhibitions, both locals and tourists. Some spend one hour watching the NRK documentary “The Ocean Land”.  Also the artistic video made by Nina Svane-Mikkelsen is shown.
- One evening, 80 people were listening at R. Schumann, K.M. Weber and Oskar Böhme among the Ornulf paintings, as Salão Nobre hosted a concert of classic music (piano, clarinet and trompet).

- We have nice posters, leaflets, a radio and newspapers spots, says Filipe Porteiro. The local media has also presented the exhibitions.

After Horta, the exhibition will cross half of the Atlantic Ocean again. The next stop will be the Norwegian city Kristiansand, where it will be displayed at the natural history museum during the national science festival.  

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