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Deeper than the light

Poster from the exhibition
By combining photography, video, scientific illustrations, biological samples and artistic paintings, the new MAR-ECO exhibition in the Norwegian city Kristiansand, gives an impression of life “deeper than the light”.

By Anette W. Petersen

The natural history museum in Kristiansand, in the southern Norway, hosts the exhibition “Deeper than the light” that opened during the national science festival recently.

Images from last years MAR-ECO expedition, paintings by Ørnulf Opdahl and photos by David Shale, has already been exhibited on Iceland and the Azores. For the first time, we are now able to give a broader presentation of the diversity and the species that live along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, says Odd Aksel Bergstad. The MAR-ECO project manager has, together with Tone Falkenhaug, been working hard to put together all the pieces of what will hopefully become a travelling exhibition.

About 50 species of biological samples from the cruise, labelled with descriptive texts, are on display. Videos are featured on small and large screens illustrating how the animals behave in their natural environment, and a small cinema shows the MAR-ECO documentary “The ocean land” produced by the NRK.

For the first time, scientific illustrations  by Thoralv Rasmussen dran during the RV Michael Sars expedition to the Atlantic Ocean in 1910 is exhibited. Several of the illustrated animals, are also represented as specimens or as images. Both the illustrations and the biological samples are on loan fromthe Bergen Museum.

Popular exhibition

Sunday September 25, when the exhibition opened, more than 700 persons of all ages visited the museum. In the tradition of the science festival, the audience were offered oral presentations:

  • Photo: Nils Marius Pichard
    Opened the exhibition: Odd Aksel Bergstad, Roar Solheim, Anette W. Petersen, Sigmund Kroslid , Ørnulf Opdahl, Gry Molvær, Tor Birkeland, Tone Falkenhaug, Kari Fiskvatn, Kai Holm and Ovin Udø.
    Photo: Nils Marius Pichard
    The Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the cruise and the animal communities in this deep-sea, by Tone Falkenhaug and Odd Aksel Bergstad from Institute of Marine Research.
  • How an artist and a journalist experienced the MAR-ECO expedition, by Ørnulf Opdahl and Gry Molvær from NRK, producer of  “The Ocean Land”.
  • The role of museums as curators of biological material and the scientific value of museum collections, by Roar Solheim from the natural history museum.
  • Modern research vessel designs, by representatives from Flekkefjord and Kvina Yards, builders of the RV G.O.Sars and RRS James Cook.

Schoolchildren are fascinated by this exhibition, and every day until it closes on October 16, classes have signed up for visits.


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