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Dive with a submarine!

You can be the captain of the submarine "Akvarius U-632"... Photos: Bergen Aquarium.
Would you like to dive with a submarine into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean? The invitation comes from Bergen Aquarium in Norway, which recently opened their simulator ”Akvarius U-632”. In this look-alike submarine, videos from deep-sea expeditions like MAR-ECO are being featured.

By Anette W. Petersen

”Akvarius U-632” is 6,5 meters long. Inside, there’s a big screen and seats for 12 persons. Here, videos from two deep-sea expeditions are being featured. One video is from the recent BioDeep-expedition, that discovered hydrothermal vents on the Arctic part of The Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The other shows examples of the animals discovered on the MAR-ECO expedition last summer.

- The submarine fascinates children of all ages, tells Audun Hjertager, a marine biologist at Bergen Aquarium.

The submarine will be a permanent part of the aquariums exhibition, with the possibility to update with videos from new expeditions. 

~ see the Bergen Aquarium website


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