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”G.O. Sars” honoured

When the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries visited RV ”G.O. Sars” last week, the captain and crew was awarded a plaque for ”outstanding contribution to the success of the Census of Marine Life”. This was a well deserved acknowledgement for their good effort during the MAR-ECO expedition in 2004.

Both the ”G.O. Sars” and the Institute of Marine Research and the Univeristy of Bergen, the institutions operating the vessel, are governmental. When the Minister, Ms Helga Pedersen, who has only been in office a few weeks, embarked for the first time in Oslo on 23 November, she used the occasion to thank the captain and crew for a good effort during the two month MAR-ECO expedition last summer.

The expedition has attracted international attention and contributed to strengthen Norway's position within international marine research.  The plaque, which is an international acknowledgement from Census of Marine Life, is given because the vessel “G.O.Sars” and crew proved that efficient multidisiplinary marine-ecological research can be conducted from one and the same platform when crew, technology and processes are well co-ordinated.
~ see list and images of the crew from the MAR-ECO cruise 2004

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