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An island involved in MAR-ECO

Godoy, a small island on the coast of mid-Norway, enjoys a special relationship with MAR-ECO. One of the leaders of the 2004 MAR-ECO expedition, the artist Opdahl, and the longliner MS Loran with its crew were either born and raised on the island or live there. This weekend the local participants on the expedition shared their experiences with the rest of the islanders who were eager to learn more and see results.

By: Anette W. Petersen

The inhabitants of this little island have followed the MAR-ECO project with great interest, as many of their family members and friends have been involved. They have read about their local “heroes” in the regional press and seen the documentary “The ocean land” about MAR-ECO and the artist on national television. In addition, they have heard references to this expedition in the international press. No wonder they were curious, when the Mid-Atlantic Ridge was the topic of the islands “homecoming” event.

Presentations, videos and guided tours

For two days, many Godoy-inhabitants and visitors gained more knowledge about the mysteries of the deep-sea. Among 250 of the adult population attended while the cruise leader Olav Rune Godoe showed images and shared  experiences from the expedition in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Gry Molvaer, the TV- journalist behind the documentary, who is from island next to Godoy, supplemented with impressions seen from the reporter’s eyes.

Fisheries are of major significance on this island on the west coast of Norway, so the open-ship day on board the advanced longliner MS Loran was a popular Sunday event. More than 300 joined the guided tours, watched the videos of the work onboard during the cruise – and tasted the cakes, coffee and fish soup. Jan Erik Dyb from Moere Research in Aalesund, who was the cruise leader on MS Loran, presented the work of the longliner and findings of the scientists. 

New collection of paintings 

The painter Oernulf Opdahl, who joined the first month of the 2004cruise on the RV G.O. Sars, has beenbusy after the cruise. Not only has had several exhibitions of his famous paintings nationally and abroad, he has also worked on the sketches he drew when at sea. A new set of watercolourswere exhibited for the first time this weekend, in the old school-building of Godoy.

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