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Good progress in Russia

P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology
Several Russian scientists have during the year visited Norway to work on the MAR-ECO materials. Recently, the project leader Odd Aksel Bergstad visited Moscow, where he among else could see the MAR-ECO activities at laboratories for zooplankton, benthos, and ichthyology.

The conference “Towards higher efficiency in exploitation of aquatic living resources in the world ocean” was the occasion of Bergstad’s visit to Moscow. Together with the Russian colleagues Alexei Orlov, from VNIRO, and Andrey Gebruk, from P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, he presented a paper on MAR-ECO.

Alexander Vereshchaka, Etery Musaeva from the zooplankton lab.
There was also opportunity to visit colleagues at the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology where the laboratories for zooplankton, benthos, and ichthyology are active in MAR-ECO.

Crustacean, epibenthos and skate

Samples of crustacean, from the multinet catches from G.O. Sars 2004, has been identified and sorted by members of the zooplankton group. These samples and data were transported back to Norway and will form the basis of further analyses and publications.

About 7-8 papers will come as a result of the benthos work. Andrey Gebruk and colleagues from the benthos laboratory have to worked up epibenthos by-catches from the bottom trawls on the G.O.Sars 2004 and examined ROV footage in Bergen. Several Russian taxonomists are still working on selected samples.

Group picture from the benthos lab. From left: Nina Litvinova, Andrey Gebruk, Egor Vinogradov, Antonina (Tonya) Rogacheva, Tina Molodtsova and Elena Krylova.
Standing: Daria Portnova.
At VNIRO, Alexei Orlov has continued his work on the skate data from G.O.Sars 2004 and MS Loran 2004.

Book on seamounts

Soon, a hardcover book on the biogeography of Atlantic seamounts will be printed. The book has 11 chapters in English, and will be available internationally funded by a grant to the Institute of Marine Research from the Norwegian Foreign Office.

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