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One year later...

Last summer the RV G.O. Sars and the MS Loran, was off for the major campaign along the mid-Atlantic Ridge. One year later, MAR-ECO scientists gathered in Lisbon for a field phase workshop, to present, discuss, and plan the exploratory efforts.

By Anette W. Petersen

- The mid-ocean ridges remain frontiers for biodiversity research, and the need for new knowledge is recognised, also by management authorities and the general public. In line with the overall thinking of the Census of Marine Life, it is our aim to continue to pursue the challenge of enhancing knowledge, reducing the unknown, and defining the unknowable. MAR-ECO will provide new insight based both on historical datasets and our own data collected on a range of cruises throughout our field phase 2003-2005. And there may be more cruises coming in future years, said Odd Aksel Bergstad, aiming to motivate for a productive “Field Phase Workshop”.

IPIMAR was the host and arena for the 65 people who found their way from USA, Russia and the European nations. The aim was to share results and status of analyses based on data from cruises in 2003-2004, and to make plans and status for future cruises. Among the speakers was principal investigators of the subprojects, scientists, PhD- and MA-students, data manager, GIS-experts and oceanographer. 
- The many presentations of preliminary results shows that the project is now generating new knowledge and insight, and people seem very enthusiastic, said Bergstad.

Several papers are due to be published in scientific publications, and after the second days thematic group session for Zooplankton, Pelagic Nekton and Demersal Nekton, even more papers was planned. In that manner, the workshop succeeded in creating focus and stimulus for further analyses and working relationships.

Workshop sponsors: The Research Council of Norway, FCT, Marbef, IPIMAR, Imar, DOP.


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