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Documentary from the 2004 MAR-ECO expedition

In "The Ocean land", a 59 min international TV-documentary produced  by the Norwegian public channel NRK, the viewer meets the artist Ørnulf Opdahl and  scientists from 13 nations while exploring the animal life along the mid-Atlantic Ridge between Iceland and the Azores in 2004.

~ See intro-video (mpg)

The journalist Gry Molvær and the photographer Øyvind Olsson, from the  popular weekly science programme Schrödinger's Cat on Norway's National Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), participated on the first half of the two month MAR-ECO expedition on the RV G.O. Sars.

In their visually strong documentary they fascinate the viewer by:
- showing the advanced technology and the variety of animal communities living on the mid-Atlantic Ridge, from microscopic plankton to large baleen whales.
- conveying the scientist's excitement on discovering new phenomena and species in an underexplored area
- letting scientists speak about expedition history, background, and the challenges for the epic 2-month expedition exploring ocean depths to 4000m.

The international documentary "The Ocean Land" is a result of cooperation between the NRK, MAR-ECO, and the Norwegian artist Ørnulf Opdahl, with financial support from the A.P. Sloan Foundation.

~ read NRK's presentation of "The Ocean Land"


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