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A timeline

The sea-surface, the horizon and the sky. Every day during her 30 days on board the RV G.O.Sars cruise last summer, the journalist Gry Molvær photographed these three motives.  Together, they make a timeline from the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

N 57°14 W30°30
By Anette W. Petersen

The journalist Gry Molvær, from the popular weekly science programme Schrödinger's Cat on Norway's National Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), participated on the first half of the two month MAR-ECO expedition on the RV G.O. Sars. Together with her colleague, the photographer Øyvind Olsson, she followed the artist Ørnulf Opdahl and the scientists from 13 nations while exploring the animal life along the mid-Atlantic Ridge, in the making of  "The Ocean land", a 59 min international TV-documentary from the expedition. But she had also another project while on board.

- Every day for 30 days, on a regular time, I went out on deck with my camera. I had chosen three motives for my own study; the sea-surface, the horizon and the sky. After taking the photos, I noted the positions and the time, tells Gry Molvær.

Photo: Ole Tolstad
Back home again, she continued her work on the materials from the cruise. The documentary was published on national TV December 25, and a half year later her photos was exhibited at Tronhjems Kunstforening.

- When put together, these motives make a timeline. They illustrate the development and changes of light and weather - and of colours, during the sea-journey from Bergen in Norway to Horta on the Azores.  In that manner, they represent another angle to the scientists aim of completing the image of life on the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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