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Deep ocean fever

The exhibition of moving and still images of strange animals from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, has led to a deep ocean fever among secondary school pupils in the southern part of Norway!

- This must be the coolest exhibition in the region. There's a deep ocean fever at the secondary schools here, tells the marine biologist Per-Erik Shulze and Ikumi Umetani. They are hosting the exhibition in their Aquagallery at the waterfront in Krageroe, a small town in the southern part of Norway.

On display are photos by David Shale from the 2004 MAR-ECO expedition, scientific illustrations by Thorolv Rasmussen drawn during the RV Michael Sars expedition to the Atlantic Ocean in 1910, the MAR-ECO documentary “The ocean land” produced by the NRK and footages provided by MAR-ECO.  

- We've had numerous visitors and great enthusiasm every day since the opening on December 27. All schools in the region made reservations. Also kindergartens, after-school centres and adult educationclasses have stopped by to view this unique deep ocean exhibit, tells Shulze.

- Several of the schools has worked one week with projects related to the exhibition, and making their own sketches of the deep sea species has proven very popular.

The exhibition in Krageroe, open until 15 January, has resulted from co-operations between MAR-ECO, Krageroe municipality, the Aquagallery, with help from Friends of the Earth Norway (FoEN).

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