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Ocean Sciences Meeting

At one of the biggest conferences in Ocean Sciences ever with more than 3000 talks and posters, MAR-ECO was well represented with a special session, five talks and three posters. The meeting took place in the convention center of Honolulu, Hawaii, a modern spacious building with all necessary facilities.

By Franz Uiblein

Franz Uiblein and Tracey Sutton convened a special session on "Deep-Sea Fish Diversity and Ecology in the Benthic Boundary Layer" with a total of 12 talks and nine posters covering a great variety of study methods and habitats. Presentations in this session with special relevance for MAR-ECO were the invited keynote lecture "What do Food Webs Tell us About the Abundance and Diversity of Slope Dwelling Fishes?" by John Gordon and the talks by Nikki King, Tracey Sutton, and Franz Uiblein featuring results of the lander deployments during Leg 2 of the "2004 G.O. Sars-expedition", fishes collected with pelagic trawls during Leg 1of the "2004 G.O. Sars-expedition", and ROV in situ observations during Leg 2 of the "2004 G.O. Sars-expedition", respectively. Poster presentations by Chip Cotton on longlining results and Guro Gjelsvik on roundnose grenadier food selection completed the strong appearance of MAR-ECO in this session.

In a further session organized by the Census of Marine Life program Filipe Porteiro gave a talk on "Fishes of the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge Collected During the MAR-ECO Cruise in June/July 2004" summarizing the results of the fish taxonomic work with more than 310 species identified so far. In the same session, Andrey Gebruk presented a poster on "Patterns of Benthic Fauna Distribution Along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, North Atlantic" based on the collections of benthic invertebrates made during Leg 2 of the MAR-ECO cruise.

The interest in all MAR-ECO related presentations was very high and the fact that they took place in the afternoons and in the close surroundings of the world-famous Waikiki beach did not prevent a large audience from being attracted to learn more about the ecological patterns and processes of the Northern Mid Atlantic Ridge.

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