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At the meeting (from top left): Olav Rune Godø, Ørnulf Opdahl, Anne Berg Edvardsen, Odd Aksel Bergstad, Nina Svane-MIkkelsen, Jo Høyer, Trond Andersen, Anne Aspen, Anette W. Petersen, Hans Knut Sveen, Gustav Kvaal, Morten Steffensen, Fredrik Breien and Jon Skivenes

MAR-ECO, providing fascinating stories and images of life in the depths of the Atlantic, has inspired several artists. Last week, a kick-off meeting was held - starting a cross-disciplinary collaboration on developing a computer-game and to form an international travelling exhibition.

By Nina Svane-Mikkelsen

On 9. January a meeting hosted by the PO-group and Ph.D. scholar Nina Svane-Mikkelsen was held at the Bergen Museum. People from different disciplines and areas of work were invited to discuss concrete possibilities for continuing and enhancing the already ongoing cross-disciplinary collaboration between natural science, art and outreach projects within MAR-ECO.

An international exhibition and the development of a computer game for children were on the agenda for this first ‘outreach-workshop’. Odd Aksel Bergstad and Olav Rune Godø presented different aspects of MAR-ECO to the invited museum staff and artists - and the PO-group also presented its work.

The computer game project is an element of the Ph.D. project of Nina Svane-Mikkelsen, who had invited artists from different fields of practice to hear about MAR-ECO as a first step in forming a game development group. This group will explore the huge MAR-ECO ‘information pool’ and develop game-stories for children on the basis of this. Biologists are also invited to contribute in the manuscript phase of the work by participating in this work-group. The discussions in the meeting were enthusiastic and promising for further work.

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