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Two MAR-ECO photographers honoured

David Shale, a free-lance wildlife photographer who accompanied the second leg of MAR-ECO’s G.O. Sars cruise in the summer of 2004, and Nikki King, a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen (and Oceanlab), who has also been associated with the MAR-ECO schools activity, both were finalists in the BP Kongsberg Underwater Image Competition 2006. The results were announced at the 11th International Deep-Sea Biology Symposium, UK, and were subsequently reported in Nature 442, 116-117(13 July 2006).

Quoting from the Nature report, “Snapshot: Deep-sea wonders”:

"The vivid orange colours of this Stauroteuthis syrtensis were caught by wildlife photographer David Shale during a research cruise in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The image won its category, Category 3: Microscopic / specimen images of deep-sea species or features.

Nicknamed Dumbo because of two small flipper fins behind its eyes, this 30-centimetre-long octopus was snared in a collection tank attached to the Johnson-Sea-Link, a small submersible capable of diving to 1,000 metres. Both human occupants and sea life are kept at a chilly 6 °C while in the submersible."

David Shale also took video footage of Stauroteuthis syrtensis which won first prize in Category 5 underwater video footage. He also placed 4th and 5th in this category with footage from the Gulf of Maine and the Norwegian fjords respectively!

The Nature reporter wrote about Nikki’s photo, which took 7th place in Category 1: Underwater images (>200m depth):

"This shot, taken at 931 metres depth in sea waters west of Ireland, earned a 'highly commended' rating for Aberdeen's Nicola King.

This deep-sea demersal shark (Deania calceus) fed for 20 minutes before letting hungry arrowtooth eels have their turn on the metal feeding arm of the RObust BIOdiversity lander — known as ROBIO. By handing out mackerel to scavenging fauna, ROBIO gives researchers from Oceanlab at the University of Aberdeen, UK, the ability to survey sea life."


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