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MAR-ECO wins "excellence" prize

At the biannual Census of Marine Life (CoML) All-Programme Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand, 15 November 2007, MAR-ECO was awarded the CoML's top prize: '2007 Outstanding Achievement Award for 'Overall Excellence' in science and communication.

The prize was awarded by the chair of the CoML scientific steering committee, Prof Fred Grassle. It recognises the efforts and achievements of all the scientists, students and other partners in the project. The award was accepted by project leader Odd Aksel Bergstad and the other MAR-ECO partners present; Jo Hoyer, Andrey Gebruk and Gui Menezes.

The award consists of a diploma and an original print from Dictionaire des Sciences Naturelles issued in Paris 1816-1830.

One of the goals of CoML projects is to develop approaches and technologies that can be applied in the research activities of other groups globally. In his remarks, Fred Grassle stated that MAR-ECO had set a new standard for biodiversity studies in the water column of the open ocean by applying a wide range of modern technologies utilizing advanced depth-stratifying samplers, optics and acoustics from the same platforms. Several technologies were employed simultaneously from the same ship, optimising the use of valuable ship time. This strategy was used on the 2004 G.O. Sars expedition, and also on other vessels such as this summer aboard the RRS James Cook during the ECOMAR cruise.

Proud MAR-ECO partners and friends having received CoML's top award in Auckland. From left to right: Jo Høyer, Odd Aksel Bergstad, Jelena Krylova, Gui Menezes, Tina Molodtsova and Andrey Gebruk.

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