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ECOMAR meeting

Successful Scottish ECOMAR meeting

The kick-off meeting for the UK MAR-ECO initiative, ECOMAR, was held at Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, Scotland on the 29th – 31st January 2007.

by Nicola King, Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen

Several MAR-ECO scientists opened the meeting by discussing their results from the 2004 G.O. Sars cruise.  The MAR-ECO talks were followed up with outlines of research aims and plans from all the UK ECOMAR scientists.  The attendees settled on cruise and equipment requirements for the main disciplines (oceanography, circulation and remote sensing, pelagic fauna and biomass and benthic fauna and biomass) for the James Cook cruise (JC011) which will go ahead in summer 2007.

Within the next month a draft cruise plan will be produced and station positions and work timetables will be finalised.  The 2007 cruise looks to be highly successful and will incorporate a wide range of disciplines enabling a picture of the processes on the ridge to be developed.

A ceremony will be held at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton 6 February 2007 to officially name the RRS James Cook. (more)
Learn more about the new British research vessel, the RRS James Cook.

Participants in attendance were:

Monty Priede   Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen (MAR-ECO)
Nicola King      Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen (MAR-ECO)
Jessica Craig   Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen

Odd Aksel Bergstad  Institute of Marine Research, Norway (MAR-ECO)
Tone Falkenhaug     Institute of Marine Research, Norway (MAR-ECO)
Henrik Soiland         Institute of Marine Research, Norway (MAR-ECO)
Andrey Gebruk         P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology (MAR-ECO)
Peter Boyle              University of Aberdeen (MAR-ECO)

Mark Inall               SAMS, Oban
Andy Dale               SAMS, Oban
Peter Miller              Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Gavin Tilstone          Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Andrew Brierley         Gatty Marine Laboratory, University of St. Andrews
Graham Shimmield   SAMS, Oban
David Billett             National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Jane Read               National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Richard Sanders       National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Ben Wigham            Dove Marine Laboratory, University of Newcastle
Rus Hoelzel             University of Durham
Colin Day                 UKORS (NOC)
John Short               UKORS (NOC)
Lucy Parnall             Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)


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