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An Ocean of possibilities for Europe

Europe needs an overriding political platform to defend its marine resources and to optimally develop the potential of its maritime environment. Wednesday 10 October, the EU-Commission launched a proposal for an integrated European Maritime Policy: the Blue Book on the Maritime Policy.

An Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union
quote from the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:

"The seas are Europe's lifeblood. Europe's maritime spaces and its coasts are central to its wellbeing and prosperity – they are Europe's trade routes, climate regulator, sources of food, energy and resources, and a favoured site for its citizens' residence and recreation.
Our interactions with the sea are more intense, more varied, and create more value for Europe than ever before. Yet the strain is showing. We are at a crossroads in our relationship with the oceans.
On the one hand technology and know-how allow us to extract ever more value from the sea, and more and more people flow to Europe's coasts to benefit from that value. On the other hand, the cumulated effect of all this activity is leading to conflicts of use and to the deterioration of the marine environment that everything else depends on.
Europe must respond to this challenge; in a context of rapid globalisation and climate change the urgency is great."

Information from the Research Council of Norway (in Norwegian)
Information from the European Commission
The Blue Book on the Maritime Policy (proposed draft version)

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